James Casebere
Essay by Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego

Mimesis, 2005
Portuguese, English, and Spanish


James Casebere
Essay by Stuart Morgan

Art Books Intl Ltd, February 2004


James Casebere, The Spatial Uncanny
Essays by Christopher Chang, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Anthony Vidler

Charta, August 2001


The Architectural Unconscious: James Casebere and Glen Seater
Essays by Adam D. Weinberg, Mark Wigley,
and Anthony Vidler

Addison Gallery of American Art, November 2000


James Casebere: Asylum
Essay by Michael Tarantino

Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, 1999
Catalan and English


Model Culture: Photographs 1975-1996
Essays by Maurice Berger and Andy Grundberg

Friends of Photography, August 1996


In the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
by James Casebere

Cepa Gallery, June 1982

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